May 15, 2014

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WSU Student Government Supports Protecting Educators Regardless of Sexual Orientation

Dayton, OH – The Student Government of Wright State University has voted unanimously in favor of a resolution to officially endorse  an amendment to Section 3301-35-05 (A) of the Ohio Administrative Code, proposed by Ohio Board of Education Member Stephanie Dodd. The amendment would add sexual orientation as a “protected” status, eliminating employment discrimination for teachers and others working in the field of education in Ohio.

The resolution echoes the endorsements of prominent staff members at Wright State University, which strives to promote diversity in education. President David R. Hopkins arduously supported the amendment, urging the Ohio Board of Education to help “eliminate prejudice and discrimination in schools, for both students and employees, on the basis of sexual orientation” by voting to pass the amendment. Charlotte M. Harris, Dean of the College of Education and Human Services at WSU, also showed her support. Citing national guidelines for the accreditation of teachers, Harris told BoE members that educators should reflect the increasing diversity of the student body.

Wright State University has an exceedingly diverse population of more than 18,000 students, and its Student Government represents their voices. With their resolution, Student Government affirms the views of WSU’s students, faculty, and staff that discrimination based on sexual orientation diminishes the educational experience, and the rights of everyone involved in education. With the passage of this amendment by the Board of Education, Ohio can add its voice to the growing national chorus calling for the protection of sexual orientation in civic life and civil society.  



The Student Government meeting on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 will not be open to the public. (Last meeting of the year)

Student Government is looking for a University College Senator and a College of Engineering & Computer Science Senator to fill current vacant positions for the remainder of the school year. Applications for each position will be open until March 19th. Please return filled out applications to the Student Government office in 029H Student Union by 5:00pm. For questions or concerns: E-mail our Chief of Staff, JB Saul, at

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Want to meet NEW PEOPLE?!?!
Seeking new OPPORTUNITIES and looking to

Applications are now available for Cabinet positions within Student Government! Students who are interested in getting involved should pick up an application in the Student Government office (029H Student Union), or downloaded the attached document below. Descriptions and duties of each position can be found on our website under the ByLaws. Associate positions are non-paid. All applications should be returned to Chief Justice, Karli Lightner, in 029H Student Union by Monday, March 24th at Noon. 

Position(s) Available:

  • Chief of Staff
  • Chief Justice
  • Internal Affairs
  • Director of Academic Affairs
  • Director of Student Affairs
  • Director of Disability Affairs
  • Director of Campus Culture
  • Director of International Affairs
  • Director of Communications & Marketing
  • Associate Director of Academics for Governmental Affairs
  • Associate Director of Academics Affairs
  • Associate Director of Web Communications
  • Associate Justice (2)
  • Assocaite Director of Internal Affairs for Finance "Treasurer"
  • Associate Director of Student Affairs for Athletics
  • Associate Director of Student Affairs for Veterans

Candidates for President / Vice President:      
Alyssa Andel and Ashtin Mason    214
Khadija Kirksey and Anthony Hinojosa       412
Kyle Powell and Megan Gray        703
Write-in               32

Candidates for Commuter Senator: 
Caleb Hemmelgarn          195
Kayla Muncie      499
Brandon Turley  211
Write-in               49

Candidates for Residential Senator: 
Jasmine Spradley              278
Write-in               13

Candidates for Raj Soin College of Business Senator: 
Priya Sivagnanam             126
Write-in               9

Candidates for College of Education and Human Services Senator: 
Jennifer Humston             87
Write-in               6

Candidates for College of Engineering and Computer Science Senator:       
Emily Burns         75
Jamie Jackson    15
Luke Sheridan     45
Write-in               7

Candidates for College of Liberal Arts Senator:        
Brandon DeFoe  156
Alexander Snyder              124
Write-in               17

Candidates for Boonshoft School of Medicine Senator: 
Christen Johnson              86
Jeff Wang            104

Candidates for College of Nursing and Health Senator: 
Kyle Kemp           42
Write-in               8

Candidates for School of Professional Psychology Senator:        
Amanda Conn     14

Candidates for College of Science and Mathematics Senator:           
Eugene Matthew Almazan            133
Write-in               2

13–5 Resolution to Remove Divisions and Renovate the Outdoor Amphitheater

WHEREAS, The current state of campus artwork known as Divisions has become dangerous and no longer serves as a proper piece of campus scenery.

WHEREAS, It has made the outdoor amphitheater around the art work useless for lectures, open forums, and other events. Its deteriorated condition makes a safety hazard for students and staff, as well as being an eye sore in an area with a variety of possible uses.

WHEREAS, Leaving Divisions in place elongates the amount of time it may take to renovate the area to be better suited for additional uses; reducing the amount of fair weathered availability.


RESOLVED, By the Student Government of Wright State University here assembled, that:

  1. Removing the structure and placing the remains in an appropriate location while waiting for the artist to reclaim the work or release its ownership; and

  2. Reconditioning or renovating the area where the art was to better purpose it for use by students, staff, student organizations, and the university as a whole. Including but not limited to pouring a new handicap accessible surface, adding electrical service, and new lighting to the area.

Introduced by JB Saul, Abigail Galligan, and Lauren Ouwerkerk

School Year: 
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Resolution File: 

Resolution 13-07: A Resolution to Change Vice President Vacancy Procedures


WHEREAS, The current Constitution does not specify Vice President vacancies; and

WHEREAS, The Vice President falls under Section 7.07 which is far too vague for the importance of the position; and

WHEREAS, The Vice President position requires someone who already has an idea of the current internal climate and workings of Student Government; now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED, By the Student Government of Wright State University here assembled, that:

  1. Article VIII of the Constitution be amended to include:


If the Vice President is unable or unwilling to serve his/her entire term, or is removed from the office, the President shall assume the duties. During this time, internal candidates are to be sought and given first consideration for the position. If no suitable internal candidate is presented, the procedures in Article VII §7.07, concerning vacant positions, are to be followed. The Senate, by a majority vote of senators present and eligible to vote, shall confirm or deny the nomination. If confirmed, the new Vice President will begin his/her term immediately. If denied, the President shall continue to submit candidates until a candidate is confirmed.

  1. The subsequent sections of Article VII be renumbered accordingly.

Introduced by Rachel Fagan, Joseph Gibbons, Sukhmanjit Singh, Lauren Ouwerkerk, Kyle Powell, Josh Hilgefort

School Year: 
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Resolution File: 



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