Tunnel Painting Request Form

Tunnel painting will take place on May 13th from 10AM-5PM.  We are only supplying white paint for the base coat, tape, and the drop sheets. You must bring your own paint (water based paint only), brushes/rollers, cups/bowls for rinsing your brushes, and anything else you may need. You must upload your artwork - we will be making transparencies of your artwork for you to claim when you arrive. These transparencies will then be projected onto the wall using projectors. We will be bringing the projectors. Your artwork will be printed in black onto the clear projector paper similar to a coloring book page- you will then project your artwork, follow the lines and outline it, pass on the projector, and proceed to "color" or paint the wall.

A legend/map of different slots is attached on this page.  If you have not updated Windows XP in the past few years and are running an older version of Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer will not recognize the new Excel file extension (.xlsx).  Internet Explorer will download the file as a zipped file (.zip).  Please rename the file from (.zip) to (.xlsx) to open it in Excel.

Updated 9/21/2011


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